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100% natural skin care for horses, developed from Norwegian traditions and ingredients. Because a horse with healthy skin is a happy horse. Here is the solution to skin problems in horses-Norwegian, natural, safe and effective!

Customer references


Here in the house we always have a bottle BPP around

I was first introduced to Bio Power Protection (BPP) in 2012. At that time I had a pony who was really bothered with summer eczema. I had tried many different both natural and medical preparations against summer eczema. At this point the horse was itching so much that his tail was full of inflamed wounds and he had two large wounds at the back of the croup from trying to itch. After contact with Jeanette at Nordichorsecare, she was quick to offer me a fee sample of BPP. 

To my great surprise both the swelling in his mane and tale was less the following day. So I smeared a little more BPP on the pony and put it out with the others. He did not seem so irritable and did not hit his tail as much as he went to the graze. 

The other horses in the pasture were more plagued by both horse and normal flies than he was after being smeared with BPP.

Within 14 days he started to grow hair in the exposed areas. 

The following year, I treated him earlier with BPP as prevention. He still scratched a bit, but a whole lot less than he used to. I have large, heavy dogs that can quickly suffer sores on their elbows and hocks. After I tried BPP I noticed their elbows and hocks could better withstand the dogs lying in the gravel.

It seems like moisturizer and anti- inflammatory works on beginning wounds as they appear, which prevents them from worsening and keeps the blood supply optimal. Something that promotes good skin.

I also have used BPP as a "paw ointment" when we've hiked a lot in the mountains going for walks in the winter when the roads are salted. I do not wear gloves when I work with BPP which makes it absorb well into my hands. I lubricate the horses with 

 Here in the house we always have a bottle of BPP around, it's used on most of the superficial wounds and scratches on our animals and is a must for the horses to thrive in the summer, without being bothered by mosquitoes and keep the mildew in check on their legs.

Thanks Jeanette for letting me try Bio Power Protection, I have to admit you were right. BPP is really a wonder cure a bottle. 👍

 Trine Fossdal 

Viking and Jag.jpg

I warmly recommend this product, which almost miraculously reduced the itching and hassles of my horse

I am a happy owner of the stallion Viking fra Österåker, and breeder of horses on a small scale. I have a mare who has had problems with itching for a couple of years. She continued to itch even during winter time. I had tried all possible treatments both internally and externally to solve her problem.

After being somewhat hesitant about yet another product, I gave Bio Power Protection a chance. Within a week of use, the mare's fur began to grow back in the areas that had been affected. I have since continued the treatment regularly and now she has very nice coat!

I warmly recommend this product, which almost miraculously reduced the itching and hassles of my horse. What is so amazing about the product is that it is also completely natural which is something I strive for use on my horses. The fact that it's so universal, works on most skin conditions, and keeps the gnats at bay, means that I will continue to use it even on the horses that don't itch.

Yours sincerely

Maria Sandin Jansson


Bio Power Protection is a very effective and gentle remedy which we use on all our horses

Bio Power Protection is a very effective and gentle remedy which we use on all of our horses. It effectively heals and relieves everything from insect bites, to itching and sunburned moles etc. You can clearly see the healing after having applied Bio Power Protection just one day. W highly recommend this product.


Kristin Elisa Andersen and Ingeborg Bjørk Steinsdottir

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