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We have developed a series of products to help you as a horse owner find natural solutions to your horse's skin problems. Under each product is an explanation  of how it should be used and which ones you should combine to get the best possible effect.

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Bio Power Protection Organic Oil series

Bio Power Protection Organic Oil

With regard to horses with what some have called “summer eczema” in mind we have specially developed this organic remedy.

The symptoms are usually severe itching of the mane, tail, and parts on the body where the horse can be exposed to gnats. This result is often hairloss and bloody sores where the horse has scratched itself raw.

We recommend washing the horse first. Preferably with our Probiotic Aloe Vera Shampoo. A clean horse is the first step in the treatment. We recommend washing the horse during weekly treatments then applying the organic oil to the irritated areas. Apply twice daily for three days. Then a three day break from product use is necessary. During this period, it is important that the areas that have been treated on the horse be moisturized. We recommend using our Probiotic Aloe Vera Gel which adds both moisture and has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin. Apply this to twice daily necessities.

important that the horse is supplied with moisture to the area that has been treated. We recommend using our Probiotic Aloe Vera Gel which both adds moisture, and has a cooling and soothing effect on the skin. Apply this to twice daily as needed.

If your horse has severe problems with summer eczema, the horse should be protected from bites when gnats are at their worst, or be covered with an eczema blanket, making sure the horse has ample access to shade.

       The oil contains tar that acts as a repellent to gnats and other insects as it attaches their wings. This also has a preventive effect.

Bio Power Protection Organic Oil and Cream

Bio Power Protection Organic Oil contains very high quality Norwegian cluster honey from “Solsiden Honey” in Rena, which holds antibacterial properties.

Another important ingredient is the fish oil. It provides important fatty acids and soothing lubrication to the skin and other natural oils with anti-inflammatory effects. This, together with the right pH balance and vitamins, is what makes the oil so effective.

Bio Power Protection Organic Oil has an itch relieving and soothing effect on the horse's skin, stimulating it to heal itself.

But it is important to use the product correctly in combination with other good routines to help the horse.


The oil not only works on summer eczema, but has also had very positive effects on other skin disorders such as mold, itching, eczema, small sores and various skin maladies where the skin does not heal itself. Also on these problems, the product should be used as recommended with three days of treatment and three days of rest.

We recommend paying special attention when using the oil on mold and wet eczema, in some cases it has had the opposite effect. If you suspect that this is happening, we recommend washing the area with Probiotic Aloe Vera Shampoo and changing the treatment to Probiotic Aloe Vera Gel and Probiotic Spray instead, which are very effective on these type of skin problems.


We also recommend that you avoid using products that contain tar on draft mules and the like, or horses that are continually exposed to the sun. Avoid heavy sun on already sunburnt mules. If the horse can be indoors at night, the oil can be applied in the evening so that it draws into the skin  and is allowed to work overnight. Do not apply the oil to sunburned horses out in the heat of the sun. Remember the sun factor during the day. We can already disclose now that there will be a cream that is suitable for use to prevent sunburned mules.


Bio Power Protection Organic Cream is based on the same active ingredients as in the oil, but it is made as a thick cream to be easier to apply on the abdomen and small bites or irritations. It does not stick and contains natural wood fiber to achieve the desired consistency.


Bio Power Protection
Probiotics Aloe Vera Series

Bio Power Protection Probiotics Aloe Vera series

The Probiotics Aloe Vera series is designed to compliment the Organic Oil series. It contains active probiotics that promote healthy bacterial flora and a good PH balance in the horse's skin. Probiotics are another word for lactic acid bacteria and are made by fermenting carefully selected herbs. We have combined this active ingredient with Aloe Vera which has a very soothing effect on irritated and dry skin.

Probiotics Aloe Vera Shampoo

is a mild shampoo yet is still very effective in removing impurities and removing loose skin residue such as dandruff. It is the natural start for several of our other treatment options. Clean skin receives treatment better and minimizes unwanted bacterial growth by washing away dirt and old skin. Because the shampoo is so gentle on the skin, you can use it more often than with traditional shampoos that are not as kind to the skin. A clean horse is less appealing to insects and is less prone to infections.


Probiotics Aloe Vera Gel

 is a unique product that combines the good properties of Aloe Vera with Probiotics. This combination has a soothing and healing effect in that it suppresses unwanted bacterial growth. Aloe Vera is known to be effective on skin irritations and eczema, and has been used for thousands of years. Probiotics add a healthy bacterial flora that fight problems such as mold and grime.

Aloe Vera moisturizes the skin and it’s gel consistency forms a thin barrier that does not evaporate that quickly so it can work over time. Probiotic Aloe Vera Gel is a good alternative to our oil series and we recommend using it during the rest period for the organic oil. (See description of Bio Power Protection Organic Oil).

Bio Power Protection
Probiotics series

Probiotic Spray

Is a spray that contains 5 billion good lactic acid bacteria with a PH value that is very beneficial to the skin. It is very effective if you have a horse with mold and need to soak up dried skin residue and eczema. It is recommended to use the spray directly on the problem area, preferably after shampooing and washing. Many people also use the spray on small wounds or other minor skin irritations.


Probiotics Food  Supplement

stimulates appetite and digestion, and ensures that your horse has a good and stable intestinal flora. 1 dl supplement contains 5 billion healthy lactic acid bacteria of the highest quality produced in Norway. The pH value is about 3.5 which gives a fresh and sour taste. The food supplement has an apple-like smell and increases the palatability of the horse's feed. Probiotics supply natural microorganisms that are often lacking in modern pre-production. Many people believe that this is one of the root causes of why many horses struggle with skin problems today. The supplement is therefore an important ingredient in prevention and in creating a strong immune system in the horse.