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Nordic Horse Care was founded with the desire to use  naturally ingredients to create better animal welfare, and to be able to help animals with skin problems in a sustainable way. Our products contain no harmful chemicals and we choose our ingredients with great care for the environment.

We want to choose sustainable packaging that can be recycled in existing return schemes, and that contributes to the products long shelf life, which results in less waste and better finances for our customers. We ensure the quality of our suppliers so that our value chain affects the planet, people and animals as little as possible. Our desire is to create the best products for our animals with the smallest possible footprint for future generations.

Our products contain the best raw materials. Here are some examples. Our linseed oil and rapeseed oil come from the same Gunnarshögsgård in Sweden. Our honey is produced by bees in Rendalen at Solsiden honey. The fish oil is highly concentrated and produced in Kristiansund. We also contribute to the innovative use of wood products by using wood fibrils as a thickening agent in our probiotic products. Our probiotics are also produced in Norway at Biosa Norge in Sør-Odal, which is also Debioapproved. We ourselves produce locally on our own farm and increase as far as possible by choosing local suppliers.



Eric Nilsson
Gunnarshögs Gård AB


Our cold-pressed oils come from seeds grown on our own farm or nearby. The fact that the oil is cold pressed means that the temperature at the time of pressing does not exceed 35 degrees. Taste, smell and color are preserved together with vitamins and antioxidants. All waste from the old age is used to heat the farm. We are pleased that our gently organically produced oils are used in the BioPowerProtection products, which relieve skin irritations and care for the skin. 

Biosa Norway

Biosa Norge also produces high-quality probiotics according to the HACCP principles (strictest requirements for human consumption) and has been recognized for many years in a number of countries. Our probiotics are a highly effective component in Nordic Horsecare's products and contribute to the effective treatment of skin problems in animals

pappa i produksjon 2 (003).jpg

Karete Rolfsen
Account manager
GC Rieber Vivomega AS

GC Rieber VivoMega has documented health benefits and is manufactured with regard to sustainability in all aspects. Our Omega-3 oil is highly concentrated and is an important component in Nordic Horse Care's oil-based products.

Vegard Mømb
Managing Director and Founder
Fjellnet Medical Honey

Solsiden honey is produced in Norwegian mountain nature with the best conditions for bringing out its medicinal properties.

Our honey was tested in 2020 at York, The Biorenewables Development Center Ltd (BDC), where it was demonstrated that our honey has anti-bacterial properties.

These properties are important components of Nordic Horsecare product's.

Borregaard exilva.jpg

Vision novice Holtan
PhD/Senior Scientist
Cellulose Fibrils RD Borregaard

''We are proud that Nordic Horsecare has chosen to use Exilva from Borregaard in its Biopower Protection skin care products. It's great that our wood fibrils can improve product performance, and contribute to bio-based and sustainable products at Nordic Horsecare.''

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