About Bio Power Protection


Once, the horse was a tool. Old times loggers had to keep their horses healthy to do the job. They had to solve many problems we struggle with today by just simple means.

Bio Power Protection was developed based on the old loggers recipe.The main ingredients are fish oil, honey and pine tar. Bio Power Protection is an all natural oil that acts as a disinfectant and nourish er for the skin so it can maintain it's natural balance.

It is the composition of these natural ingredients that combined have a positive effect on the skin problems of domestic animals.

About us


Jeanette Olsen

Founder. developer and co-owner of the product Bio Power Protection

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Oline  Michelson

Responsible for marketing and social media. 

Tel: +47 41251879



Elisabet N Michelson

Co-owner, chemist and developer of Bio Power Protection

Tel: +47 99110153