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  • Elisabet N Michelson

New products on the way. We will launch several new products throughout the autumn.

The products have been tested by a select few during the summer, and the feedback is so positive that we choose to invest in the new product series. The products consist of a shampoo based on aloe vera and probiotics that are gentle and protective against the skin. This is especially important as the horse has skin problems and frequent washing is required. An aloe vera and probiotic gel to lubricate irritated areas of skin and mane, tail and hoof beard. . A cream that is based on the original BioPowerProtection oil, but is made in a cream form that can be easily applied. We are launching a spray of probiotics that can be sprayed on areas with scabies, small wounds and remove the problems after a short time. A 5 l can of probiotics for supplements comes for sale and is used in force for, in drinking water or on roughage, to prevent gastrointestinal problems in horses. All products complement each other and can be used interchangeably.

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